February 09, 2023

Should College Be The Next Step?

by Laura Barth

“What are you going to pursue in college?”

Directly or indirectly, a majority of high school students are asked this question as they approach their graduation. I, myself, faced the same inquiries to this dilemma. But what could I say? Where should I begin?

During my high school years, I had interests ranging from photography and baking to emergency medicine and law. Needless to say, deciding what to pursue for 4 years of college was a little daunting. Before answering the “what do I study” question, I had to ask myself a more fundamental question: “Was college the right next step for me after high school?”

It was around this time my dad mentioned the paralegal program through Oak Brook College of Law. As I looked into it, I became excited about this opportunity and how it could be a marketable skill for entering the workforce. While the program was obviously in the legal field, its applications were far reaching. The classes of Contracts and Business Organization gave me a foundation and understanding in the business/entrepreneurship arena. Torts and Criminal law brought insights into the justice system, and Constitutional law informed me as a citizen.

Since high school, I have had many wonderful experiences from having a wedding cake business to working as a paralegal for OBCL graduates Peter Fear and Gabe Waddell (FearWaddell P.C.). Looking back, I can honestly say the paralegal program was a key stepping stone out of high school, academically and practically, that has been invaluable to me as an adult.

Laura currently serves as the Director of Student Services at Oak Brook College of Law. When not in the office, Laura can be found coordinating events, going running with friends, serving with her church’s high school ministry, or reading a book.


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