Academic Support

During the year, Oak Brook utilizes a wide range of technology to support communication and interaction. First year students work not only with professors, but also with teaching assistants who lead weekly conference calls to discuss and review the current material being studied, as well as practice test-taking skills and encourage students in their studies. Students in all years also engage with classmates, other students, professors, and alumni via email, online groups, and the online communication interface – Moodle – to submit assignments, ask questions, receive academic and professional counsel, and engage with each other and faculty. Each class also receives instruction and resources during orientation to assist them in constructing a support system and methods for interaction which fit their unique class needs and priorities, ensuring that close relationships can be created and maintained in the ways most effective and beneficial for each student and class.

Throughout the program, students may receive additional tutorial assistance in their studies by calling the College administrative offices or by contacting the professor for the course in which assistance is needed. Faculty members are available during specific hours each week, and phone numbers for each faculty member are provided to all enrolled students. Students may receive academic counseling through the College administrative offices where staff members are available to answer students’ questions and to help them set academic goals. If necessary, staff members will direct students to faculty members for further counseling and, upon request, a specific faculty advisor will be assigned to a student.

“My experience with Oak Brook was that it really wasn’t a distance-learning school in all the aspects you’d think of. My classmates became best friends, and they, along with others from Oak Brook, got me through law school. It was an iron-sharpens-iron thing, and the relationships we built that first year really lasted through law school and beyond. When I look at my legal practice now, a decade later, at the people who influenced me and made it possible, it was my friends and professors from Oak Brook.” – Mark

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