April 10, 2023

“1, 2, 3 Smile” – Law and the Business World

by OBCL Alumni Blogger

Running a small business from my home has been such an amazing experience!

Smiling Girl

My name is Bethany Covey, and I’m a portrait and wedding photographer based out of Orange, Texas.  I have been honored to meet people from all over the state and country as I capture monumental moments in people’s lives.  God has opened many doors with my camera, from VIP receptions with the Texas Governor to welcoming newborn children into the world.  I’m so grateful for all the experiences I’ve been able to enjoy by running my own small business in the piney woods of Orange, Texas. 

Yet, behind all the camera gear and flashes is a story of a homeschool graduate who wanted to use her God-given talents to share the gospel with people and create a source of income based out of the home. I am that person!

I had no idea where to start when finishing high school or how to set up a profitable sustainable business.  Contracts and tax procedures felt like a daunting task, yet essential to learn.  This is where the paralegal program with Oak Brook College gave me the steppingstones to achieve my goals.  After being encouraged by my parents, I signed up and could not be more grateful that I completed the program. What better way to prepare to serve my family and be trained as a small business owner than to learn the ends and outs of business by studying business law, real estate law and contract law. 

I can honestly say I would not have had the confidence and skill set to start my own small business at age twenty-one, had it not been for the training that I received at OBCL. Also, the foundation that I received continues to serve me now.  The program challenged me to a whole new level. 

The program is packed full of Biblical truths, focusing on the Christians response to both authority and responsibility before God.  It gives a fantastic Christ-centered worldview, while equipping you to face real world experiences in business and law.  OBCL gives more than an educational approach, it challenges you to take God’s Word for what it is – the perfect true Word of God.  It inspires you to dive deeper, spurs you to be a critical thinker, and reveals how to accurately apply God’s word to every area of your life. 

I never would have dreamed of signing up for an online paralegal program but looking back I am so grateful that God led me on a journey to grow my faith, and my skill set. Whether you’re a high school graduate, looking for the next step, aspiring business owner, or passionate lover of law and order, Oak Brook College of Law is an excellent steppingstone for you to grow both spiritually and academically. I’m so grateful for the OBCL paralegal program!


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