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Oak Brook is pleased to offer multiple programs and options for receiving high quality legal training. For students who wish to practice law or work in fields where training as an attorney is of benefit, the Juris Doctor Degree program is a postgraduate program that fully qualifies graduates to sit for the California Bar exam and, upon passage, become an attorney with the California Bar. Additional options for work in other states may also be available following acceptance to the California Bar. Oak Brook’s Juris Doctor program is open to all qualifying students who have completed high school coursework, and does not require obtaining an undergraduate degree.

For students who are interested in a career in law or public policy, but are not interested in pursuing a career that requires a Juris Doctor degree, or are simply unsure if they desire to pursue such a career, the Paralegal Program provides an excellent option for quality legal education. Oak Brook’s Paralegal Certificate Program is open to all qualifying students who have completed high school coursework and is completed in one year. The Paralegal Program focuses on gaining fundamental legal knowledge and the practical skills necessary for working in a law or policy office, and all students who graduate are qualified to take the Certified Paralegal Exam through the National Association of Legal Assistants, and become a nationally certified paralegal.

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Paralegal Program

Learn about our Paralegal Program and its offerings.


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