About OBCL


Oak Brook College of Law (OBCL) began in 1994 as the vision of a small band of men and women who saw a desperate need for a change in our culture and recognized the vital role that legal education played in shaping the policies and laws of our society.

Today, OBCL’s vision is the same: to provide legal education from a Biblical and historical perspective.


It has been said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Oak Brook College of Law (OBCL) is a distinctly mission-driven school, with every aspect of our program intentionally designed to equip men and women to stand for truth and to glorify God in the legal profession. To this end, OBCL has a threefold philosophy: conviction, character, and competency.

Biblical Worldview

All laws are based upon policies, and policies, in turn, are based upon a perspective of truth. For this reason, understanding a proper foundation for law is an essential part of legal education.

OBCL teaches the philosophy of government and law articulated by our Founders in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, based upon the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God and certain self-evident truths. As a result of these commitments, OBCL rejects the faith of evolution and the religion of secular humanism. Students are challenged to learn the Biblical and historical foundations of American law and to make conventional applications of these principles to today’s legal and governmental issues.

Moral Character

The vision of OBCL, ultimately, is to prepare attorneys and paralegals who excel in their profession and are committed to living out their Christian faith. This goal goes beyond academic performance and extends to moral character, professional skills, and business practices. OBCL believes that all aspects of a person’s life should be surrendered to the lordship of Jesus Christ and one’s work is an act of service to Him and others. Because of this, OBCL’s curriculum challenges students to examine what it means to live a Christ-centered life as an attorney.

Efficient Education and Practical Experience

A student’s education is most effective when it is most efficient. OBCL’s online structure and support network provides students with the tools to tailor their method of study to be the most effective for them. Students are best equipped when they are given the tools and training to research, analyze, and be self-reliant learners. OBCL emphasizes diligence and ingenuity, learning how to think and how to learn, rather than simply accumulating facts.

Many people recognize that no amount of academic work can substitute for life experience and hands-on, practical training. The structure of OBCL’s programs allow for students to have full flexibility to tailor their study hours and methodology to pursue internships, apprenticeships, work, and additional training. It is vital students graduate and enter their profession having already bridged the gap between academic knowledge and real-world experience. No degree is capable of substituting for a well-rounded resume, substantial experience, and professional contacts, three things OBCL’s online academic model is designed to facilitate.


The Oak Brook College of Law faculty is comprised of a group of legal professionals, who bring a high level of experience and connections to the classroom.

“I never have to wonder if one can be a Christian and a lawyer because my OBCL professors all modeled that paradigm. Because of their examples, I know I need only ask God how specifically would He have me respond to the challenges of practicing law as a Christian.”

– Marty M.


The graduates of Oak Brook College of Law are as unique as the school itself, each one pursuing highly individualized professions and ministries.
OBCL graduates are district attorneys, public defenders, and private litigation attorneys. They are litigation counsel for pro-life advocacy groups, religious liberties firms, and Christian corporations. They serve immigrants and refugees, pastors and ministry leaders. They are in-house counsel for corporations and use their degree to begin and manage their own businesses. They are CEO’s and COO’s of large government accountability firms, think tanks, and political organizations. They draft appeals, manage trusts, litigate for injured workers, fight for individual liberties, and educate the next generation. They hold elected positions, are published authors, have been on major national and international news sources, and have received significant awards for their work.

To read more of what the alumni are doing, check out the Alumni Association Facebook page.

“As a high school graduate, the paralegal program really gave me a biblical perspective and solid foundation on which to build my future as an adult – no matter which career I pursued.”

Laura B.