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This page is to provide information regarding the services available to the OBCL alumni as well as ways to contribute to the mission of Oak Brook College of Law. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 559.650.7755.

For the Alumni

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Alumni Records Account

With OBCL’s new database platform you now have access to your academic records. Ordering transcripts has never been easier!

To activate your account, submit a request with your email and student ID or call the OBCL office at 559.650.7755.

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Alumni Network

Want to ask a question, post a job, or find an attorney?

Check out the Alumni Postings here. (Tip: you will need an activated records account to view the postings.)

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Tell Others

The stats are in! Word of mouth marketing is the highest ranked source of trustworthiness. You don’t need to know all the details. Remember, you are the proof that it works. 🙂 Check out the resources below to start the conversation.

In addition to in-person conversations, online reviews are another great way to tell others!

Alumni Stories

Share an Update

Did you start a new law practice? Have you written an article, published a book, or given an interview?

It’s fun to hear what OBCL graduates are doing in their chosen field.

Read about Will in this post.

Mentor a Student

Willing to share with applicants and students what it was like to go through law school or how you are using your law degree?

We’d love to get your email to pass along to individuals who want to hear the experience side of law school/law practice.


Make a Donation

Have you launched into a successful career because of your education at Oak Brook?

Make a donation to help spread the message to others about what OBCL has to offer.

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Resources to Share!

To assist in sharing of Oak Brook College, we have compiled some resources you can download and pass along to interested individuals. 

Marketing Swag

“I had wanted to be a lawyer since I was in 4th grade. The type of lawyer I wanted to be changed through the years, from criminal to corporate to constitutional – and now I’ve worked for a nonprofit as a lawyer for 20+ years, doing criminal and corporate and education and administrative and constitutional and family.
It’s been a blast!”

Darren J.