January 18, 2022

Self-Evident Truth – Created Equal

by Professor Robert J. Barth

Self-Evident Truth – Created Equal

Establishing the existence of the Creator as a legal and governmental presupposition also dictates other self-evident truths regarding the nature, value, and purpose of human beings. In America, these additional truths are to be respected, adhered to, and established within its system of government.

The Declaration of Independence proclaimed the underlying legal premises and the just causes for the separation from the British Empire after more than 150 years of allegiance to the British crown. The causes for separation, as well as the foundations for a new government were self-evident truths. Thomas Jefferson, along with the others who drafted the Declaration of Independence, were not coming up with a new governmental philosophy, but were declaring truths that were self-evident and accepted by the colonists. They recognized that when self-evident truths were being violated by civil government, it became tyrannical.

The reality of the Creator requires us to accept His design and the systems He created. While human reproduction requires male and female participation for conception to occur, the dynamics of fertilization, implantation, cell duplication, and the physical systems that develop during gestation can be call miraculous because no doctor or scientist can cause these processes to occur. While they may be able to describe and, to some degree, guide or encourage the beauty of reproduction, no person can initiate or mimic all the mysteries of the human life systems the Creator designed.

Because the Creator created human life, the Creator has ultimate authority over human life—both in terms of its genesis and its ending. Therefore, since human life is a gift from the Creator, it is self-evident that all human life has equal value, being created in the image of the Creator as stated in Genesis 1:26-27. The Declaration of Independence states as a self-evident truth that all people are created equal. It is upon this foundation we will see why the civil government has the duty to protect life and to punish those who attack or take another person’s life. 


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About the Author

Professor Robert J. Barth
A graduate of the University of Illinois (B.S. 1976), Professor Robert J. Barth received his Juris Doctor from Southern Illinois University School of Law in 1979. He received his Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Regent University in 1986. From 1986 to 1995, Professor Barth was associated with Regent University School of Law in several capacities, including assistant dean for academic and student affairs, and editor of the Journal of Christian Jurisprudence. He has written several articles, and as the director for academic programs, he has authored Oak Brook College’s book, Renewing Your Mind as You Study Law.


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