July 19, 2016

Is Oak Brook for Me?

by Oak Brook College of Law

Choosing a college for higher education can be a difficult decision – not every school is a good fit for every person, and the realities of time and finances often add additional obstacles to pursuing one’s goals. So how do you know if a unique school like Oak Brook College of Law is a good fit for you?

At Oak Brook, we believe the first and most important consideration is your own convictions. OBCL is a distinctly mission-driven school and our faculty’s passion is not simply to turn out attorneys, but rather to prepare a generation of Christ-seeking men and women who desire to use their lives and work to stand for truth and serve those around them. Oak Brook is also uncompromising in our desire to see our students grasp Biblical legal philosophy and a proper understanding of the American legal system, including our Constitution, Declaration, and founding principles. These concepts are studied individually and woven into coursework with the goal of equipping graduates to speak truth into a society rife with moral relativism, and center both their life and their legal practice around Christ. If you desire to study law from a foundational perspective and enter a program that will prepare and exhort you to love Christ with your heart, soul, and mind, Oak Brook may be for you.

Oak Brook is also for those ready to take advantage of the unique opportunities distance learning can afford, including the ability to obtain life and professional experience while studying. One of the greatest practical benefits Oak Brook offers is a system intentionally designed to give students the freedom to pursue professional growth while they simultaneously pursue their degree. Far too often, the gap between academic knowledge and actual experience is a substantial bar to beginning a career following graduation. Students who are bound to a rigid class schedule and substantial student debt are often unable to pursue the opportunities needed to gain valuable experience. Students at Oak Brook, however, have unhindered ability to learn and grow professionally as they grow academically. Oak Brook is for students who are self-motivated, diligent, and desiring to excel without being held back by a strict schedule and cookie-cutter program.

Our program is also for students who are motivated to pursue their goals without spending unnecessary time and resources on undergraduate degrees or busywork. Oak Brook College follows California law and allows students to enter the Juris Doctor program immediately upon demonstrating that they possess requisite undergraduate knowledge, which can be accomplished by earning an undergraduate degree, but also through passing specified CLEP examinations. Oak Brook’s faculty is intentional about providing an educational program where students are not forced to waste their time or resources, but where streamlined study results in successful graduates – since the College’s inception nearly 20 years ago, over 78% of our graduates have passed the California Bar. If you are a goal-oriented individual and desire to pursue your goals in the most efficient manner possible, Oak Brook may be for you.

Finally, Oak Brook may be for you if you desire to graduate without debt. Student debt for traditional law school graduates often reaches tens of thousands of dollars, severely hindering a graduate’s ability to pursue opportunities that may yield excellent professional development, but which cannot support substantial loan payments. Oak Brook’s faculty prioritizes a tuition structure that will allow our graduates to finish their education without the weight of student debt and be free to serve their families, communities, and clients.

Oak Brook is for those who desire all the above. It is for those with self-discipline, persistence, and determination. It is for those ready to learn under faculty and staff whose passion is to see them succeed. It is for those who desire to become part of a Christ-centered, tight-knit community of students, faculty, and alumni who have dedicated themselves to excellence and truth in every area of their life. If this is what you desire, Oak Brook may indeed be for you.


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Oak Brook College of Law
Oak Brook College is a distinctly mission-driven school, with every aspect of our program intentionally designed to equip men and women to stand for truth and glorify God in the legal profession.


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