March 29, 2007

Being Blessed by God

by Oak Brook College of Law

Being Blessed by God

Psalm 1 begins with the words “Blessed is the man.”  In meditating on Psalm 1, have you asked God the question, “What does it mean to be blessed?”

Does it mean financial prosperity, emotional stability, and physical well-being? Well, maybe, but those things are dealing with the external manifestations of God’s blessing.  We all know people who are financially prosperous, emotionally stable, and seem to be in good physical health who do not have a relationship with God. So, is there a deeper meaning to “being blessed by God?”

How does it make you feel when someone gives you a sincere compliment because of the character you demonstrated, the quality of your work, or as an expression of love because of how much you mean to them? When you know it is sincere and it is coming from someone you respect and appreciate, such words are encouraging and energizing. This is being “blessed” by someone else.

The Hebrew word for “blessed” in Psalm 1:1 means “blessed” or “happy” (see also, Job 5:17, Ps. 2:12, 119:1). It is a relational word, i.e. the focus is on our relationship with the almighty living God rather than the physical manifestations of being blessed. Being blessed involves blessings, but the true blessing is the “life-giving” relationship with Jesus, the Christ.  

If you give a gift in love to someone, the relationship is the primary motivation and the gift is just a physical expression of the love relationship. While the gift is to be used or enjoyed by the recipient, the gift is a manifestation and reminder of the love relationship. The gift also evokes a response of gratefulness and appreciation for the giver, which deepens the relationship even more.

So it is with our loving heavenly Father.  He desires to bless us with blessings. In fact, Jesus said, “If ye, being evil, know how to give good gifts, unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask Him (Matthew 7:11). But God’s focus or motivation is not the gifts He has, or wants to give us, but it is on His love for us. “For God so loved the world, that he gave…” (John 3:16).

Each of us, however, must choose to direct our attention to God if we are going to experience the relational blessing of God. We must turn from “the counsel of the ungodly,” etc., and turn toward the “law [will] of the Lord” and the Word which became flesh (Jesus) to be “like a tree [Oak by a Brook!]… that bringeth forth fruit … and … shall prosper.”

Christianity is not a formula to receive blessings. It is a relationship of being blessed in God’s love, provision, and promises. Those promises include wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, which we all need to faithfully fulfill the calling of being advocates of truth, counselors of reconciliation, and ministers of justice.

Look more closely at Psalm 1 and related verses and see what the Lord will “speak” to you.

Blessed by God


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