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I absolutely recommend the paralegal course to any high schooler or young person interested in law. It gives you practical insight into various disciplines and aspects of the law, which is foundational knowledge for wherever your life may take you. Frankly, I recommend OBCL’s Paralegal Program for every person, because it makes you a better citizen, and it empowers you regardless of where God calls you in the future. -Gabe
Oak Brook College takes a different approach to paralegal training. In contrast to many other paralegal programs, Oak Brook College emphasizes a Biblical perspective and approach to the responsibilities of a paralegal alongside a thorough legal education. The aim of this program is to be as practical as possible, teaching students foundational substantive law and the practical procedures of a legal practice, but also gives students the foundation and worldview needed to address the underlying needs of each client, and advocate for truth in matters of policy and practice. To that end, this training utilizes correspondence methodology rather than the traditional classroom setting, allowing students to pursue professional training and mentoring concurrently with academic coursework.

The Oak Brook College Paralegal Program is a certificate program which qualifies a student to take the Certified Paralegal Exam. Classes begin in August of each year, with coursework divided into four 11-week quarters. The program is completed in one year and consists of a curriculum arranged into four academic tracks of learning: Legal Philosophy and Reasoning, Civil and Criminal Litigation, Business Law, and Family Law and Conciliation. Course topics include counseling and legal ethics, legal philosophy, writing and reasoning, and courses focusing on areas of substantive law. In addition to gaining knowledge of the law, emphasis is placed on the legal research and writing skills which are essential to serving as a paralegal. The use of current technology in research and office management is integrated into coursework as well, allowing students to gain the essential skills to locate, organize, and communicate information for effective law office management.

For each course, students are provided with a list of required texts to procure and are given detailed weekly lessons which provide an overview of the subject matter, assigned reading, and written assignments. Students are required to submit periodic assignments for review and grading by a professor and, in most courses, will also take a proctored final exam to complete their course grade. Students receive access to our student website where they can read their syllabi, listen to lectures, upload assignments, and have access to assignment and course grades. Professors and staff are available to answer questions and guide students experiencing difficulty in their coursework.

Students are required to maintain a specified number of study hours per year and per credit hour. Under these requirements, students enrolled in the one-year certification program must study at least 924 hours per year and a minimum of 22 study hours per credit.

To graduate with a paralegal certificate, students must successfully complete all courses and submit all required documents, while maintaining the minimum required grade point average of 2.0 or higher.

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