Yearly Conferences

Zephyr Point Conference Center
South Lake Tahoe, Nevada

One of the highlights of each year for Oak Brook College students and Alumni is the yearly conference held at a retreat center near South Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Students from nearly all years of study are present at various times throughout the week alongside alumni, faculty, and staff, creating a dynamic environment for growing relationships, providing mentoring, and building a support network that spans the Oak Brook community.

Orientation, Appellate Advocacy, and Trial Advocacy courses bring students from the first, third, and fourth years of study, while exam preparation courses such as the FYLSX and Performance Exam workshops include students finishing both their first and fourth years in the program. Each workshop and course is led by Oak Brook’s faculty and teaching assistants, giving incoming students the opportunity to meet not only their classmates and professors, but also students at each stage of study, and witness firsthand some of the practical aspects of law school, including observing moot court and mock trial rounds.

The week culminates in commencement exercises for the school’s graduating class as well as the annual meeting of the Oak Brook College of Law Alumni Association, allowing students from all years of study to connect and fellowship with a wide network of graduates from the school, participate in graduation exercises, and become involved in Association activities and business.

The annual meeting for the Alumni Association is open to all JD and paralegal students and alumni, as well as faculty and respective family members. Students who are present for the college’s courses are encouraged to attend and connect with alumni, professors, and other students. The weekend includes workshops on legal practice and management, as well as reporting on past activities and conducting business for the upcoming year, and ample time for fellowship and relaxation.

Throughout the week and weekend activities, students, graduates, alumni, and faculty spend time not only in their respective classes and meetings, but in fellowship with each other during structured and informal activities, fellowship times, and worship services, forming friendships that will provide support and encouragement throughout a student’s time in Oak Brook College and well beyond.


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