Our Philosophy

Oak Brook College is a distinctly mission-driven school, with every aspect of our program intentionally designed to facilitate our vision and objectives. As the school’s inaugural prospectus stated, Oak Brook’s unique structure “is not motivated simply by a desire to create something new for the sake of change.” Rather, every facet of the school has been crafted to meet specific goals and uniquely equip men and women to glorify God in the legal profession. The philosophy that shapes our educational model has several key facets:

Oak Brook’s philosophy of education is indeed unique, but it is certainly not accidental. We emphasize the centrality of Scripture, the pursuit of real-world experience, effective and efficient education, and debt-free graduation. Each aspect of Oak Brook’s philosophy is purposeful and intentional, designed to equip and prepare our graduates spiritually, academically, and professionally for the glory of God.

The Centrality of a Biblical Worldview

It has been said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” At Oak Brook College, our vision is to train attorneys and paralegals who have the conviction, knowledge, and skill to stand for truth and oppose evil in this world. This commitment means that a student’s training in worldview and legal philosophy is very important. All laws are based upon policies, and policies, in turn, are based upon a perspective of truth. For this reason, understanding a proper foundation for law is an essential part of legal education. Oak Brook College teaches the philosophy of government and law articulated by our Founders in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, based upon the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God and certain self-evident truths. As a result of these commitments, Oak Brook College rejects the faith of evolution and the religion of secular humanism. Students are challenged to learn the Biblical and historical foundations of American law and to make conventional applications of these principles to today’s legal and governmental issues.

Those associated with Oak Brook College are encouraged to pursue Godly wisdom from the Scriptures to resolve conflicts, develop strategies, and implement good policies, with humility, truthfulness, boldness, creativity, and integrity.

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“My OBCL education was essential in equipping me with an accurate, historical view of law. The tracing of legal concepts to fundamental principles has prepared me to consider the root causes and deviations of modern trends in law and given me the tools needed to advocate for decisions that uphold the fundamental principles of a free society.” – Marty

The Importance of Moral Character

The vision of Oak Brook College of Law, ultimately, is to prepare attorneys and paralegals who excel in their profession and are committed to living out their Christian faith. This goal goes beyond academic performance and extends to moral character, professional skills, and business practices. Oak Brook College believes that all aspects of a person’s life should be surrendered to the lordship of Jesus Christ and one’s work is an act of service to Him and others. Because of this, Oak Brook’s curriculum emphasizes not only Biblical legal philosophy and worldview, but also challenges students to examine what it means to live a Christ-centered life as an attorney. Spending time in Scripture, reading, prayer, worship, and ministry activities are encouraged. As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, Oak Brook College students rely upon the indwelling Holy Spirit to develop in them Christ-like character qualities such as humility, integrity, boldness, diligence, initiative, and responsibility.

Being a Christian Attorney

The Value of Professional and Practical Experience

Oak Brook College of Law recognizes that no amount of academic work can substitute for life experience and hands-on, practical training. For this reason, Oak Brook employs a modified correspondence and distance-learning model for education. Within a structured and supported academic model, students have full flexibility to tailor their study hours and methodology to allow time for internships, apprenticeships, work, and additional training. It is vital that students graduate and enter their profession having already bridged the gap between academic knowledge and real-world experience. No degree is capable of substituting for a well-rounded resume, substantial experience, and professional contacts, three things our academic model is designed to facilitate. Oak Brook intentionally prioritizes a curriculum and model that provides efficient and high-quality academic knowledge, but equally emphasizes the life experience needed for a fully-rounded education and a successful transition from the academic world to the professional.

“There is no way I could be doing what I am doing right now if I hadn’t gone to OBCL. A traditional school wouldn’t have allowed me to gain anywhere near the same life experience while I studied. Because of OBCL, I not only obtained my JD, but I was also able to gain over 3 years of experience in a law office environment by the time I graduated.”
– Sam

The Benefits of Efficient Education

At Oak Brook, we believe education is most effective when it is most efficient. Oak Brook’s distance-learning structure and support network provides students with the tools to tailor their method of study to be the most effective for them, eschewing busy work, and emphasizing practical application of their academic learning. We also believe our graduates are best equipped when they are given the tools and training to research, analyze, and be self-reliant learners. Our model provides thorough support, but emphasizes diligence and ingenuity, learning how to think and how to learn, rather than simply accumulating facts.

Successful students are motivated and self-disciplined to accomplish their objectives as soon as practically possible. At Oak Brook, we believe it is important to provide these students with the ability to streamline their education. For that reason, we provide several options for students to demonstrate the ability to perform graduate-level work as required by the California State Bar, and do not require them to acquire an undergraduate degree. The ability to save four years of time and substantial resources allows our graduates to complete their education and enter practice at a time when most students are merely beginning legal studies, jump-starting their ministry and their profession.

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The Significance of Debt-Free Graduation

One of the most overlooked aspects of education is the impact that a debt load will have on a graduate’s professional and personal life. Graduates from a traditional law school commonly carry a debt burden of between $150,000 and $200,000, and many carry much more. This burden of debt can place incredible stress on graduates and their families, and severely hamper their opportunities for ministry and a career, often for decades after formal education is completed. The reality of large monthly loan payments frequently must dictate which internships, careers, and ministry opportunities a graduate is free to pursue. At Oak Brook College, our faculty realizes that the vision to train attorneys ready for ministry and service in their chosen profession cannot be realized if our graduates are hindered by the hanging weight of academic debt.

For this reason, we designed a flexible model of education which allows students to pursue professional work during the JD program, earning, rather than simply spending, resources. Tuition is intentionally kept low through the sacrifice of our faculty and staff so that students do not need to take out loans to finance their education. Oak Brook desires to create a structure where graduates emerge equipped not only spiritually and academically, but practically as well. Debt-free graduation is a key component of this vision.

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