Notes on Succeeding in Law School

An article by Thane Messinger in the most recent issue of The National Jurist urges new (and future) law students to embrace the potential of study groups. This suggestion, however, comes with a caveat: “Study groups can be invaluable, but must have members with the same goals, the same dedication and the same approach and habits.” An integral part of the culture at most brick-and-mortar law schools, effective study groups may not be on your list of what to expect from a correspondence law school. But OBCL students and alumni constantly mention close-knit study groups as one of the biggest factors in their success. OBCL study groups flourish for the reasons that Messinger highlights—common goals, dedication, approaches and habits. Driven by common calling and purpose, OBCL study groups are places where lifelong friendships and professional relationships are forged, for the good of our students and the glory of God.

Check out the rest of Messinger’s article, “The path to a successful J.D.” for some more insight on how to succeed in law school.

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