Our Graduates

The graduates of Oak Brook College of Law are as unique as the school itself, each one pursuing highly individualized professions and ministries. Our graduates have enjoyed substantial success on the California Bar exam and have also pursued innovative ways to employ their degree and training in states across the nation, practicing in a wide variety of locations and arenas.

Our graduates are district attorneys, public defenders, and private litigation attorneys. They are litigation counsel for prolife advocacy groups, religious liberties firms, and Christian corporations. They serve immigrants and refugees, pastors and ministry leaders. They are in-house counsel for corporations and use their degree to begin and manage their own businesses. They are CEO’s and COO’s of large government accountability firms, think tanks, and political organizations. They draft appeals, manage trusts, litigate for injured workers, fight for individual liberties, and educate the next generation. They hold elected positions, are published authors, have been on major national and international news sources, and have received significant awards for their work.

Our graduates are unique. They excel in their fields and, most importantly, they are glorifying God in the myriad of locations and practice areas where they have been called.

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“The heart and vision of Oak Brook and the impact its graduates are making on the world around them, coupled with the passion of the professors and the investment they make in their students’ lives, makes Oak Brook a truly unique and incredible experience.”
– Jessica