Oak Brook Community Beyond

The time spent in fellowship and friendship is certainly not limited to college-sanctioned events. While Oak Brook students are often spread throughout the country, it is not unusual to find groups of students meeting up to attend legal forums, judge debate and mock trial tournaments, travel together, or engage in any number of activities, from hiking to hitting the slopes. Weddings of fellow alumni and students are a favorite time to reconnect with other Oak Brook alumni or classmates, and the front lawn of the United States Supreme Court has seen more than one group of Oak Brook students convene upon it to attend oral arguments in landmark cases. The value Oak Brook places on forming solid relationships that encourage and exhort results in a community that spans the Oak Brook educational experience, and well beyond.

“As an alumna of OBCL, I consider my OBCL friends and professors to be like family. Students become lifelong friends – I see examples of it in the life of every OBCL alumnus I know.” – Emily

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