Why Study at Oak Brook College?

Pursuing a Juris Doctor degree is a substantial investment of time, resources, and energy. However, according to the most recent data released by the American Bar Association, only 57% of law school graduates from ABA schools hold full-time, long-term jobs that require Bar membership, and more than 10% have no job at all.

What is a Christian Attorney?

A Christian attorney is, first and foremost, a Christian. One who has been born of the Holy Spirit by declaring his faith in Jesus as the Christ and by believing that God raised Jesus from the dead, knowing that without the sinless life, sacrificial death, and resurrection of Jesus, they stand condemned before God because of their sin. Such a ... Read More

Oak Brook College: the meaning behind the name

Within its name, Oak Brook College of Law symbolizes the cause and effect relationship between the implementation of true principles of law and government and the growth and stability of a nation. The name also represents the dynamics of individual spiritual growth and freedom through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and meditating on God’s Word to know His ways. ... Read More

Is Oak Brook for Me?

Choosing a college for higher education can be a difficult decision – not every school is a good fit for every person, and the realities of time and finances often add additional obstacles to pursuing one’s goals. So how do you know if a unique school like Oak Brook College of Law is a good fit for you?