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The Oak Brook College of Law Alumni Association is the official alumni body of Oak Brook College of Law. Begun in 2004, the Association exists to “further the unique mission of the College, honor the Person of Jesus Christ, and encourage members to promote professional excellence, personal integrity, justice, mercy, and humility.” As part of this mission, the Association assists current students in achieving academic excellence, passing the bar, maintaining an active membership in the Oak Brook network, and become matched with gainful employment. The Alumni Association is likewise designed to support graduates, furthering the “professional, personal, and spiritual effectiveness of College alumni through fellowship, service, networking, and continuing legal education.”

Over the last decade, the Association has grown into a robust network of alumni who are actively engaged with the college, current students, and fellow graduates. Regular communication to assist students in academic and vocational preparation, connect students and graduates with prospective employers, assist alumni in the practice of law, connect Oak Brook attorneys with prospective clients, and identify opportunities for ministry and growth takes place over social media through email groups and via personal interaction.

The Association provides invaluable support to the college and its current students through a thorough mentoring and resource program. The mentoring program for first-year students includes providing classes with a catalogue of online study resources and hosting conference calls where students meet with alumni mentors who train them in exam preparation skills and assist in understanding the coursework from an academic and practical perspective. The Association also supports an optional intensive review program for the First Year Law Students’ exam where current students work in small groups with graduates or upperclassmen to develop individualized study plans, review MBE exams, and partake in essay exam practice and preparation. The week before the exam, interested students meet at a conference center near a designated testing site for hands-on mentoring by a group of alumni who administer practice exams and work individually with students to identify gaps in legal knowledge, methods of analysis and test-taking strategies, and then provide one-on-one mentoring and focused study in the student’s area of weakness.

Support is also available for students in their second through fourth years through compiled study resources, conference calls, and interaction with alumni, as well as a connection with a wide range of graduates available to provide input and support throughout the remainder of law school and exam preparation.

Assistance in gaining practical experience and transitioning into the practice of law is a similar focus of the Association. Graduates provide internship and work opportunities for students or recent graduates, work behind the scenes to promote Oak Brook graduates, and network students and graduates with employers in a wide variety of fields. Many of the relationships formed during study at Oak Brook have resulted in alumni entering practice together as well, and the number of successful firms opened and run by Oak Brook attorneys is growing consistently.

The highlight of the Association’s year is the annual retreat and business meeting held at a retreat center in Lake Tahoe to review past activities, plan future business, and engage in networking and fellowship. The retreat, which is open to all current JD and paralegal students, alumni and their families, as well as all faculty and their families, provides a unique opportunity to grow together, and the friendships formed remain for a lifetime.

In addition to supporting students and alumni, Association members remain active in the community judging mock trial and moot court tournaments, lecturing at debate camps, individually engaging in pro bono work, and serving in their churches and communities.

Oak Brook is blessed to have such an engaged, broad network in the Alumni Association to support not only the vision of the school, but the academic, spiritual, and professional growth of its students and alumni.

“We have an alumni association that goes above and beyond in developing people professionally and giving students and graduates opportunities to develop in their practice of law.” – Joel

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