Of liberty I would say that, in the whole plenitude of its extent, it is unobstructed action according to our will. But rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual.

Thomas Jefferson

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Rucker, Eric K.

ruckerA graduate of Kansas Wesleyan College (B.A. 1976) and Emporia State University (M.S. 1976), Professor Eric K. Rucker earned his juris doctor at Washburn School of Law in Topeka, Kansas. He is currently the Assistant Secretary of State in Kansas. Mr. Rucker has served in a variety of government positions, including: Chief Deputy Attorney General of Kansas, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Special Administrative Law Judge for the Department of Human Resources, a Director of the Kansas District and County Attorneys Association, County Commissioner, and was honorably discharged as a Captain, Judge Advocate General Corps, Kansas Army National Guard.

Professor Rucker and his wife, Joan, have three children and live in Topeka, Kansas.


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