From Homeschool to Law School

Paralegal Certificate - Dual Enrollment

Are you looking for something to finish out your high school education? Are you interested in an education model that gives you freedom to pursue work and additional life experiences while you determine a career path?... Then the Paralegal Program is right for you!

Under an attorney’s supervision, paralegals handle a wide variety of legal work. Document intake, case briefing, and trial prep are just a few of the many contributions a paralegal brings to a law firm.

The OBCL Paralegal Program offers:

  • Online platform
  • Flexibility study schedule
  • One-year certificate
  • Reasonable tuition
  • Amazing alumni network

“The paralegal program was an excellent foundation upon which I’ve build every other life pursuit. It strengthened my understanding of Biblical principles, taught me effective reasoning and provided me with a solid career option, all in just one year!”  
– Emily

"I absolutely recommend the paralegal course to any high schooler interested in law. It give you practical insight into various disciplines and aspects of the law, which is foundation knowledge for wherever life may take you."
- Gabe

“The paralegal program is terrific preparation for whatever you may adventure into next.”  - Betsy
Betsy Schultz spent several years working as a certified paralegal before following her lifelong passion for politics. She currently owns PNW Strategies, a government affairs consulting firm.


Juris Doctor Degree - Post High School Enrollment

Are you interested in having the ability to pursue your Juris Doctor degree immediately upon finishing high school and graduate debt-free? Are you looking for a community of like-minded individuals who want to make an impact on the culture around them?

If you answered 'Yes' then we welcome you to join the ranks of over 300 graduates who have embarked on this exciting legal education journey.

Apply directly from high school with minimal prerequisite requirements and begin preparing for your career in:

  • Constitutional Rights
  • Public Policy
  • State Prosecution
  • Immigration
  • Mediation
  • Private Practice and more!

Click here to take the first step towards a career in law!

“The close friendships I developed at Oak Brook, with those who shared a commitment to making an impact, for the Lord, have been an incredible blessing. If you have an interest in law or public policy, you should consider the
JD degree from Oak Brook College of Law."  
David C.  - Class of  2015

“Not only has Oak Brook provided the practical skills for a successful legal career, it has supplied the spiritual basis to sustain me as I seek to serve Christ in the legal profession.”  
Rebekah M. - Class of 2008

"If you want a normal legal career, you can go to a traditional law school. But if you want to change the world,
OBCL might just be your launching pad."  
Matthew R. - Class of 2004


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